¿Cómo es que el software multilingüe es tan popular?

Comment se fait-il que les logiciels multilingues soient si populaires ?

Πώς γίνεται το πολύγλωσσο λογισμικό να είναι τόσο δημοφιλές;

Are you able to decode what the above sentences are trying to convey?

If no is your answer, we are sorry for the trouble. But let us ask you a question, What if you have to decode the whole software into your native language with the help of Google Translator?

Human language is something really crucial. Imagine the frustration caused to you when someone explains something in their own language. It’s totally stressful when you are forced to speak a language that you aren’t aware of. The same applies to software applications, whether it be law firm billing software or a whole legal practice management software.

Over the years many changes were seen and noticed in the whole legal sector globally. The changes are quite important to happen with the fast-moving time, whether it be automation or a complete change in workflow management

Many software is developed and presented to help the legal sector in their day-to-day activities. But what about the language they want to use in the software? What if the software is the choice of a lawyer but the language is not the one the user is looking for?

The part of language is quite important to be looked into before selecting a software whether it be a simple document management tool or a complete law practice management software.

The good news is, our product, MatterSuite addressed this issue and came out with top common languages spoken and addressed around the world and analyzed how it can help its existing as well as new users. In order to reach a global audience segment without any translation problems, we have come up with our full-fledged multi-language feature to enhance the litigation practice in the most efficient yet seamless way.

Do not worry, this blog will give you a full understanding of why this multi-language support is so important in the modern age and in how many languages it is available in MatterSuite.:


MatterSuite now supports multiple languages for law firms, in house legal departments, and legal professionals around the world!!!

MatterSuite law firm practice management software offers everything with the language support system to enhance your chances of accessibility from anywhere whenever you need it. We understood our clients and learned their needs and then improvements were made to the software and multiple regional languages were added to make this software reach more law professionals from different countries for bringing reforms in the legal industry. 

In MatterSuite legal practice management software, the following languages have been added

  • English
  • French 
  • Arabic
  • Greek
  • Spanish
  • Hindi

A multi-language addition to MatterSuite is evident throughout the whole software, which includes features like:

How to use the language functionality in MatterSuite

MatterSuite language functionality is a simplified feature to access your native language with a click. 

  • Login to the MatterSuite account by adding your credentials.
  • You will find the admin icon on the left-hand side once you log in.
  • From the language drop-down menu, select your preferred language.
  • At last, select the language from the dropdown.

Multi-Language: Why is it important?

The software can add many benefits to your business, and if it includes a language support system then it serves more than just providing legal help by giving an option to make it available and understood in even the non-english speaking countries and making it useful to people who are not very familiar with English. It adds an upselling point by making it one of the best friends to the users in the non-English countries and helping them rely on their practice over a cloud-based system so that anybody can just use it.

Multilingual functionality helps many multi-regional law firms in getting a perfect solution for their law practice with flat rates and too less to believe subscription charges. With every case or matter, it helps you achieve fast turnaround times with error-free results which are of the utmost importance to the firm and its clients. Especially when it comes to litigation processes and practices like court reporting, e-discovery for litigation, legal research, etc., it improves a certain amount of flexibility and tends to be the most viable option for your legal practice.

Multiple languages communicating the same meanings.

Smooth Accessibility

Whether you are a resident of Dubai or from some English-speaking country, maybe the US, MatterSuite brings to you its software with the ease to choose your language with a click. Get anytime accessibility to this software from any part of the globe. Get access to many top languages and ease out the whole understanding of the software without the use of any other tool. With good practice management software, you can achieve higher targets in less time and with the language option available more legal professionals can use the software to meet their legal practice requirements. 

More Visibility

Developing something not for just a single set of customers but for diverse customers makes the product automatically count in the wide range of customer attractions. Gaining more users creates more engagement in your software and drives huge profits for your business. Building a practice management software is a worth investing task as it is high in demand nowadays. Lawyers want remote working and the best tools to execute the process. MatterSuite full litigation management software is the perfect choice for any legal professional. 

Eliminates Language Barrier

Creating a tool that can be used on a global basis without any language hurdle seems more engaging and profitable. Lawyers are not just in a single country but spread worldwide. Creating a full lawsuit management software needs proper implementation of language addition in it. MatterSuite not only makes all features available in a single software to manage litigation but also gives an option to change the software language according to your need and thus it breaks the language barrier in the software execution. 

Improved Customer Experience

What do customers look into when they invest in your software? They may look at the features, pricing, flexibility, complexity, and many more. But in order to make them understand all this, language plays a huge part in the whole process. Maybe your customer is from the UAE and is not aware of the English language and that’s why your software is not valuable to those customers. But not now, MatterSuite legal software for UAE law firms will provide all common languages in its software and will help every customer in understanding what the software is and how its functionality works. Legal management software in the Arabic language will be the right choice for UAE law firms.

Human Translation 

Translating a large amount of data into human language is quite tough to implement. But with proper analyses and techniques, human translation can be achieved. MatterSuite prefers human translation to machine translation since human translation is more natural and helps readers obtain natural content without error whereas machine translation has constantly proven to be more complex than human translation. 

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Creating multilingual litigation software is something that is high in demand. Nowadays when every legal firm wants comfort from their own space of work, the importance of developing the software accessible to them is quite crucial. Many multi-regional law firms use translators to translate the language given in the software, but it’s not an effective way to run a law firm. MatterSuite is improving its features very often in order to make sure that this software offers every single thing needed to maintain a smooth legal workflow anywhere without any language barrier.