As a law firm, you already know that getting new clients is key to your business survival. However, in the current very competitive legal market, it might seem as a never-ending struggle to be unique and distinct from other law firms. The good news? You can punch the hole in your marketing budget and still be able to do effective marketing. In fact, there are plenty of free instruments that can help you expand your list of potential clients, increase your online presence, and even propel your law firm to greater heights with the mentioned law firm marketing tools.

7 Free Marketing Tools to Make your Law Practice Grow

In this detailed blog we will take you through seven game-changing tools most law firms are using to grow their business. From advanced analytics platforms to cutting-edge SEO techniques, these tools will surely help you in marketing your law firm by engaging your audience, building your professional brand, and converting more leads into satisfied clients.

Consequently, if you are all set to advance the marketing of your legal services with law firm marketing tools at a more advanced level but with less cost, read on. The keys to open the gate to your enterprise’s full potential are just a few clicks away.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a strong website analytics platform that provides law firms with the ability to find out the number of website visitors, identify their actions, and evaluate their marketing efforts. It gives access to important website traffic, sources, and user interaction data, and thereby allows organizations to use the data for making informed decisions to increase their online presence and convert visitors into clients.


Though Avvo is not the best in the traditional way of lawyer ratings, it is still trusted by potential clients and, of course, they are often found in the first page of Google search results. For law firms, this site is a great marketing tool, revealing their name and expertise that can help them to get new clients who are searching online for legal services. Avvo, if used wisely, can have a great effect on the firm’s online reputation and its lead generation.


MailChimp is a convenient and user-friendly email marketing service that gives the law firms the ability to embed email sign-up forms on their websites. This way lawyers can engage with the audience more effectively and respect anti-spam regulations through creating a list of email subscribers using MailChimp. Also, they can send targeted and personalized emails to nurture leads or retain clients.

Google Business Profile

Originally known as Google My Business, the optimization of a law firm’s Google Business Profile is vital for raising the visibility of the firm on the Internet, especially with regard to local businesses. By posting correct and updated information, responding to reviews, and even using Google Maps, attorneys’ offices can acquire local clients, increase their visibility in search results, and build a reputation in the community.

Google Business Profile


WordPress does not only help law firms to build an online presence that stands out among the rest, but it also does this at no cost using the WordPress website designing tool. Through this, they not only can advertise their legal services, but also can create trust and credibility by publishing informational blogs on the latest legal issues. Casefox compliments this by offering a law firm website design and development service on WordPress that is specifically made for lawyers, and also provides such legal billing software, resulting in a full solution for law firms who want to establish an impressive online presence and make their operations more streamlined.



Promoting legal services and content on LinkedIn turns out to be a very efficient and free marketing instrument for attorneys. A law blog serves law offices as a means of exhibiting their knowledge, giving helpful legal information, and interacting with potential clients. Through regularly posting useful and relevant content, legal firms can build their authority, attract organic traffic, and convert visitors to customers.

Leveraging LinkedIn advertising for law firms amplifies reach, targeting the right audience effectively, and maximizing marketing efforts. By strategically utilizing this platform, law firms can enhance visibility, generate leads, and stay ahead in a competitive landscape.


Take your law firm’s social media strategy a notch higher with the free version of Hootsuite’s robust tier. Get yourself a centralized social media presence across platforms, thereby promoting the post scheduling and audience engagement with functions that allow for bulk composition and multiple queues.

Hootsuite helps with the synchronization of WordPress with your firm’s website; it also makes it easier to share content on the social media platforms. Utilize Hootsuite’s social listening function to follow the latest in your industry and find possible clients. This holistic approach enables you to broaden your touch-point, position your brand as a knowledge leader, and establish your firm as a reliable legal source within the legal industry.

Bonus Tool: CaseFox – Legal Practice Management Software for Law Practice

The management of a law firm, especially for solo practitioners and small teams, is a huge undertaking. All the while managing cases, clients, and billings, small details may be missed out. Luckily you can get a free plan (SOLO) on CaseFox which is specially designed to ease your workflow and increase your efficiency.

Key Features of the CaseFox Free Plan:Key Features of the CaseFox Free Plan:

Handle 4 cases and 2 clients – Good for those in sole practice, startups, and legal aid.

Organize client information: Store client’s phone numbers, case notes, and communication records in one single location.

Efficient time tracking: Do the billable hours tracking easily and invoice accurately at all times.

Secure document management: Securely, digitally and conveniently keep your legal documents in the cloud.

Case deadlines and reminders: Once a date is set, ensure that it is in your calendar and you are able to attend.

Client portal: Set up an online system for your clients to safely log in and get their information and documents.

Summing Up 

Through these free law firm marketing tools and strategies, you’ve got a good understanding of what you should do. Now it’s time to put them into action and watch your law firm flourish online. However, it is worth keeping in mind that developing a strong online presence requires constant efforts, but in the end, the result is worth it. These law firm marketing strategies should be implemented consistently so you build your firm recognition as a thought leader in your niche. Use LinkedIn as a social media tool to share engaging and informative content related to your practice areas, engage in discussions with potential clients, and showcase your experience. Moreover, use content marketing as a tool to produce informative blog posts or articles that focus on common legal concerns which people have. Optimize your web page for the keywords you are targeting to make it possible for the clients to find you in the search engine results easily.