Evidence Management Software

Automate your evidence management process, share every detail with one scalable platform

Simplify your evidence management process by bifurcating all the parts of cases in one legal evidence management software. Manage, search and analyze every detail on cloud and draft winning cases.

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Get started with your 14 days free trial today
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Centralize the evidence management process

Audit every stage of your case productively and store every bit of your information in stages. Remove your repetitive and error-prone manual tasks and get your workflow automated with the best evidence management software for lawyers and law firms.


Streamline the sharing of evidence and files

With effective divisions of motion, cause of action, discovery, and research all the effective evidence can be equally sewn and understood between the lawyers which result in easy collaboration and quick solving of cases and legal matters.


Maintain a well managed database

Have data-driven software and dump all your thoughts and data under one shelter. Reduce the time taking paperwork and workload to maintain them and have everything stored in our cloud.


Multiple sources of information in one

Collect stats and figures related to your legal case from different sources and collect them and store them easily. Search any document related to your case by searching them in our software and get complete information regarding the same.



Draft your motions and add them with effective motion tools in MatterSuite. Find everything you need to draft effective and clear structured motions.


E- Discovery

Process, review, add tags and produce automated documents as the part of your lawsuits activity with E- discovery management feature.


Legal Research

Make use of our web-based legal research software and have a seamless and effective law practice.