Medium and Large Law Firm Software

Robust legal practice management software for mid-size and large law firms

MatterSuite automates the entire process of creating court documents and processes and covers all the tools which you need for your litigation process

Get started with your 14 days free trial today
Get started with your 14 days free trial today
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Represent yourself in courts with a complete matter management software having your back

MatterSuite automates the entire process of creating court documents and processes and covers all the tools which you need for your litigation process

Stay ahead With Schedules

Stay organized, put your clients’ best foot forward

From initial pleadings through discovery and trial, each of your cases comes with its own set of legal complexities, but one thing remains certain : our complete litigation tools to cover all your proceedings.

Adjust the status of each of your cases, and have a track of the stages of your matters seamlessly- MatterSuite lets you practice seamlessly even if your law firm is medium-sized or large-sized.

Audit all your cases by managing your legal research, discovery, motions and cause of action - all at a defined place for your litigation practitioners to focus on clients.

Never stress over missing a deadline by keeping proper track of your matters and clients, delegate effective workload, and get in place with your entire matter management.

Document everything when it comes to matters

Prepare documents quickly and effortlessly tag your pleadings, discovery, correspondence, agreements, and other legal documentation related to your cases with your partners and associates.

Manage your legal documents and emails with bank-level security with easy drag-and-drop simplicity.

Locate documents faster and attach them to any stage of your litigation process and easily search your files using multiple search criteria.

MatterSuite helps the medium and large law firms succeed by automating every law practice and taking the burden off so that you can focus on what's most important.

Improve your law firm’s productivity with cloud based document management software
Legal calendaring software – a person putting tick on calendar

Streamline administrative tasks with just a click

Get real-time insights into your firm’s key metrics with an easy-to-understand dashboard and assign tasks in accordance with the stages of your cases.

Organize your to-do lists, see progress in tasks, and assign tasks to different firm members to manage your mid-sized or large firm, business model.

View all your daily, upcoming, late, and pending, and completed tasks and have a clearer picture of what is a priority and work in accordance with it.

Easily filter out your tasks from the task search bar and filter which is more important according to the legal workflow process.

Centralize all aspects of your law firm in one



Predict better business-related decision making with effective workflow insights



Manage your entire matters in a seamless manner with our robust features



Document review, filing papers, reviewing stages- everything made easier

Legal secretary

Legal secretary

MatterSuite covers the planning of legal strategy, defense, or the best course of action

Administrative staff

Administrative staff

Multitude tasks and every operation of office functionality with ease

Get more than just a legal software

Receive exceptional premium support, industry-leading security measures, user-friendly legal software, and more, at no additional cost.


The litigation management solution is very user-friendly as it requires the least inputs. Access from anywhere.


Best-In-Class Support

Get help from our exceptional customer support team via email or phone. We are here for you.


Data Security

Protect your client’s information and firm’s data with industry-leading security methods and protocols.