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Not just run a small law firm, run a profitable law firm

MatterSuite serves as the right legal practice management software for your small law firm to gain increased visibility to your matters and clients.

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Small law office management software to cover you entirely through the matter lifecycle

Stay ahead With Schedules

Track matters and contacts data, effortlessly

Personalized dashboard to view all the vital aspects to your law firm such as calendars, tasks, clients, staff, matters and events.

Drive strategic sourcing decisions and better legal outcomes with our advanced metrics dashboard.

Add all the partners of your small legal firm and watch them collaborate on cases within the software.

Gain legal reports over your litigation process and strategize your workflow accordingly.

Get notified of the progress of your matters

MatterSuite legal practice management software for small firms lets you handle the core legal activities by capturing the progress on your matters.

Gain insights on all the steps of litigations such as discovery, legal research, motions, cause of actions and track the stage of your cases.

With virtual sticky notes in the form of tags, MatterSuite makes it easier to find and organize your matter information.

Manage your matter numbers, stages, practice areas, matter statuses- all within one legal system.

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Improve your law firm’s productivity with cloud based document management software

Save more by controlling your legal costs

Get end-to-end control over your legal spendings by speeding up your legal process and developing winning cases.

MatterSuite's powerful legal tools help you keep in touch through scheduled communication in any form, calendar events, notes and discussion and everything which you need to solve the cases effectively.

Generate work products, legal documents, contracts, drafts, send emails and reminders, complete monotonous routine tasks, all automatically.

Have a systemized record of almost everything with the best legal software for small firms.

Boost your law firm’s profits

Through MatterSuite keep your cash in not out by developing winning matters with the best matter management tools.

Have everything on the cloud and reduce your overhead cost such as maintenance and others by shifting everything over our powerful litigation management software for small law firms.

Offer new clients flexible ways to engage with your small firm with our effective client management tools just for you.

Shifting to software has always resulted in cost-cutting and saving more operational and management costs- a win-win situation for small law firms.

Visualize everyone’s contribution on matters at every level

Get more than just a legal software

Receive exceptional premium support, industry-leading security measures, user-friendly legal software, and more, at no additional cost.


The litigation management solution is very user-friendly as it requires least of inputs. Access from anywhere.


Best-In-Class Support

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Data Security

Protect your client’s information and firm’s data with industry-leading security methods and protocols.