The legal world today is getting digital day by day. It is coming out with a cloud-based growth with streamlined workflow management. Lawyers in Dubai are sliding down towards new timesaving solutions to make them earn profit in less time. 

Practice management software in UAE (Arab) comes at the number one position. By offering everything from case issues to its trail, this software is making a great base in the legal firms of UAE. 

Here you will find tips on how to expand your legal firm business in UAE at a lower cost and in less time. It will give you an idea about how MatterSuite is the right choice for your need and requirement. It will present to you a complete guide which will state all the details and features this software offers.

Is there a need for a web-based solution in UAE?

UAE is number one in innovation according to the report of the global innovation index. The region’s growing crime rate has made lawyers in UAE increasingly in demand. Nevertheless, how will Dubai lawyers be able to handle so many cases and matters on a daily basis?

With the shift towards technology, attorneys and legal professionals in UAE will have more opportunities to grow by utilizing budget-friendly software to manage all of their day-to-day activities from a central location. Legal softwares in middle east can gain a competitive advantage by utilizing good practice management software.

What is practice management software?

Softwares can be many, but a full-fledged practice management software can be defined as a solution for solo, small mid-sized as well as large law firms. Legal practice management software provides a wide variety of legal professionals with an automated solution to master their matters from anywhere, anytime. 

A software like MatterSuite is truly built to provide you with all the necessary elements to smoothly conduct ‌every matter professionally and timely. This software includes some exceptional features like:

1. Litigation Management

Every litigation gets managed easily with MatterSuite. Get all insights and store all information about the litigation under a single roof. 

2. Matter Management

Whether it be a complex matter or a simplified case, deliver great outputs to your clients with the supporting tools MatterSuite offers in its practice management software.

3. Evidence Management

There are many pieces of evidence to store, update, analyze, or even delete. Manage all your evidence separately and get rid of paperwork with a web-based solution. 

4. Legal Calendaring

Managing dates have been one of the most hectic tasks for lawyers. But not now. MatterSuite gives you a complete calendaring feature to automate your schedules easily.

Compared to other practice management software, why should you choose MatterSuite?

1. Contact Management 

Tracking matters becomes easy if you have all the contacts in a single place. Innovative law firms software in Dubai like MatterSuite gives complete contact management software to enable all your contact additions at a single place with no trouble of searching it manually. 

Among its many functionalities are:

  • Add new contacts
  • Easy editing and deleting
  • Attach matters
  • Attach tags
  • Add Custom Fields
  • Create Personal Notes

2. Tasks Automation

Tasks are many, but not resources. Relying on manual work can lead to tasks incompletion and sometimes task failures. Law offices in UAE can shift towards digital automation and transform their task completion more professionally with MatterSuite task management software

It will help legal firms in UAE (Arab) to:

  • Add new tasks
  • Search for any tasks
  • Import and export any tasks
  • Add tags

3. Document Storage

Storing documents never ends whether it be an attorney in Dubai or an advocate in Dubai. Managing documents is one of the most tedious tasks to be faced by a law office. MatterSuite gives you access to an unlimited document storage feature, which gives you complete access to a centralized place to easily keep all documents. 

Other than document storage, get features like:

  • Create document templates
  • Upload files
  • Create folder
  • Delete, archive, download, and edit any document
  • Search documents

4. Client Portal

Sharing and exchanging important information, documents and even text seems a risky task when it comes to your clients. A lot of information is shared throughout a matter process, but how to secure all of it? MatterSuite provides a secure client portal to safely share and receive documents, files, and secure messages from anywhere from your clients.

Get functionalities like:

  • Exchange secure message
  • Send and receive documents
  • Secure client portal login
  • Top-notch security

5. Tags Attachment

Taking sticky notes has been part of the legal firm’s history for a long time. It’s not a user-friendly method to be carried out on a larger scale. Legal firms in UAE can replace this method with the MatterSuite tags feature. Add keywords and search it anytime needed. 

Easily add tags to the following features:

  • Matters 
  • Contacts
  • Calendar
  • Tasks 
  • Documents
  • Legal research 
  • Communications

6. Multi-location Management 

Managing the same work from different offices seems a bit tedious tasks. With automation, advancements are not provided in all the softwares today. MatterSuite came out with a high supporting feature that will enable law firms in UAE to manage different locations with a single software. 

With multi-location avail, many features like:

  • Matters
  • Tasks
  • Communication
  • Secure Messaging

7. Multi-Language Supported

Customize your language and get all the data converted in the language chosen. If you are a law office in Dubai, get your language selected and easily use the software with no hassle or extra help. 

Languages offered by the software are:

  • Hindi
  • English
  • Spanish
  • Greek
  • French

8. Custom Fields

International law firms in Dubai may have different fields set for different matters. But what if there are only default fields that can be added? With MatterSuite, get both defaults and new fields as per your matter requirement. Add custom fields whenever needed from anywhere. 

Not just one, add custom fields in both matter and contacts.

  • Add individual custom fields
  • Add fieldsets
  • Search custom fields

9. Legal Research Management 

Research everything about the case and keep it secure with no stress of losing it. Whether it be studying a matter, or analyzing court opinions, continue every research under a single roof with MatterSuite legal research management.

Grab additional functionalities like:

  • Add new legal research
  • Edit any research
  • Search research 
  • Upload documents 
  • Add tags

Law firm practice management software that offers more than just practice management

UAE gets more than just a simple practice management software. Lawyers in Dubai get the advantage of getting full lawsuit management with additional features included in it. 

1. User-Friendly Software

You might think that software with so many features will involve high complexity in the execution. Give a try to MatterSuite and explore the simplicity offered by the software to its users at zero cost. Each and every feature is maintained in a user-friendly manner to enable a high understanding rate from the visitors and users.

2. 24*7 Customer Support

Whether it be a small query or a full demo to be scheduled, just reach out to the team and get your queries resolved before 24 hours. Easily get in touch with the support team and clear all your doubts and troubles directly from anywhere, anytime.

3. High-Tech Security 

Legal firms in UAE have to manage a lot while running through a single matter. Elements like documents, files, evidence, personal notes, etc. are to be secured and kept in a centralized place. MatterSuite does it all for you without making you feel stressed about security and data manipulation. 

Frequently Asked Questions 


The benefits of a good law practice management software cannot be counted. It acts as a great tool to give lawyers and law firms a complete lawsuit management base to streamline their workflow from anywhere, anytime. From managing matters to improving client relationships, everything gets a start from a well-known practice management solution. MatterSuite is a complete software that enables lawyers, lawyers, and attorneys to affordably carry on with their law practice flexibly.