eDiscovery Software Solution for Law Firms

Handle important documents in discovery and investigations with legal discovery software

Uncover the facts in dispute smartly with a complete discovery management process. Avoid those hundreds of paper boxes full of documents and get it all on our cloud-based E-discovery software.

Get started with your 14 days free trial today
Get started with your 14 days free trial today
eDiscovery Software Solution for Law Firms
Legal Research

Manage your depositions more effectively

With electronic deposition modernizing your law practice has become easy. No more fumbling with witnesses and no more explaining large copies of papers to your clients have everything on the cloud. MatterSuite follows the same paper workflow which you are comfortable with. Protect your data, time, cost, security, and wasting of papers by having an effective eDiscovery software.


Broader eDiscovery tools to mitigate risks

Conduct prompt interrogatories on a legal matter and facilitate a seamless litigation process with eDiscovery tools. Follow your internal investigation process with ease, waste no extra time & money. Have specific questions interrogated about the case before the trial process and store every minute detail on the cloud.

Legal Workflow AutomatioN

Faster,seamless investigation process

By collaborating together on legal software and handling the discovery process at a unified platform, create fast and appropriate matters of investigation with a full proof system. Respond rapidly to the internal investigation process, automate your manual work process and accelerate the investigation task of your legal matters.

Hassle free data based management

Review each and every document thoroughly

Have everything in circulation to your investigation reviews with ease, from data formats to any file types. Create template notes for questions, organize your key documents, draft miscellaneous reports, and many more. Not only this, get quick insights into your documents and matters related to a specific case.

Stay organized and work intelligently with MatterSuite.

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Build Stronger Cases

By tracking your investigation process at every step, reduce the number of documents for review and automate your law practice effectively with eDiscovery software.

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Easy Data Visualization

Get strong ideas of how to process a case with simple data of your eDiscovery process. Effective insights project valuable information which turns out as winning cases altogether.


Legal Production to Perfection

Have error-proof work when it comes to your discovery process, have barrier-free easy functionality document and data storage system.