Trusted Enterprise Legal Management (ELM) Software Partner

Comprehensive solution with features of this enterprise legal management system like matter management, contact management, e-billing, legal hold management, and document management with industry-wide security standards for compliance

A unified suite of collaboration & productivity tools

Execute better business collaboration and legal operations with one integrated platform for in-house legal and government agencies for gaining visibility on all your business locations and teams under your Enterprise Level Legal Management Software

A system that works with your workflows

Have customized legal software with feature-rich tools to cater to your law firm’s needs and streamline legal processes. Automate manual tasks, reduce legal spend, transform your legal operations with robust features for entity management.

Legal workflow features customized according to you

MatterSuite is an extensive enterprise legal management solution that combines e-billing, matter management, and legal service request intake into an exclusive, streamlined platform providing a route to examine legal spending, boost productivity, and automate processes. All these features are only possible, though, if you find the enterprise legal management software (ELM solution) that can support your corporate legal department or government legal departments with its unique needs.


Unshared on-premise hosting

Get complete unshared cloud hosting with our enterprise legal management software solution to have end-to-end server access with just additional rental fees. Our on-premise hosting helps you to run the software and license, install it on your own server, and maintain it on your own with the help of us. Get access to the internal network easily to streamline legal processes easier, and seamlessly maintainable with our Enterprise Management Software for corporate law firms.

Multiple location operation ELM software

Multiple locations of your law firm integrated into one unified ELM software to balance your operational and management needs and to have a clear picture regarding every minor aspect related to your law firm. MatterSuite gives you access via multiple locations of your businesses and lets you access client information, work updates, and communication across your enterprise on any device. No need to maintain multiple system operators for your multiple locations with our corporate legal management software.


In-house integration provider

With MatterSuite’s Advanced API, we help you seamlessly connect with your existing IT infrastructure setup for corporate litigation and the other third-party tools to which your law firm has access. Our strong and easy-to-manage enterprise legal management software solution takes care of each of your needs and can have an easy setup done for any additional integrations which you need. Not only this, we have a wide range of pre-built integrations with the top applications to help you with case management.

Personalized 24/7 support as a client account manager

We add visibility and velocity to your secured enterprise legal management software by providing you with dedicated 24/7 client support to create a monitored user experience. We foster client relationships by providing you with a dedicated handler who can take care of your multi-channeled integrated enterprise legal solution to work without hindrances and total support.


Enterprise data protection & compliance

MatterSuite’s multi-layered infrastructure is capable of meeting all the security, benchmarks, and privacy compliances, which includes Third-Party Vendor Risk Assessment and Compliance Assessment. We use industry-standard data protection, including SSL and all the other data protection methods, to make sure your data is an end to end secured and protected by fulfilling all your requirements.

How do we operate?


Advanced features for your enterprise-grade law firm

Dedicated CSM

We provide a dedicated customer relations manager for all your legal operations who will understand your law firm requirements and solve all your complex needs and have a smooth workflow.

Role-Based Access

We have a Role-Based Access Control feature for your corporate legal management software so that your software is not accessible to each of your law firm employees to avoid deletion and alteration of data.

Powerful Insights

Access dashboards and reports to quickly spot trends for strategic decision-making for your law firm and have powerful insights regarding all the legal operations and practice management parts of all the multiple locations of your business.

Advanced Analytics

MatterSuite unique set of litigation tools helps you be on track with the advanced analytical reports, which are stored and processed as a whole for efficient corporate legal matter management.

Robust Features

The complicated corporate litigation process is no more complicated with the robust tools of our litigation management software for end-to-end construction of strategies and pipelines for legal matter management.

White Label Solutions

Easy white-label solution options to customize the whole corporate matter management software according to you with the features you like all together in one cloud-based solution.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is enterprise legal management (ELM)?

Enterprise legal management solution is software that is used to alleviate the troubles faced by legal departments and to streamline the efficient management of all legal departments within corporations. 

Keeping a high level of decision-making abilities is becoming increasingly critical to the growing scale of law firms. Click here to learn more.

What are the features of enterprise management software?

The enterprise-level solution offers various features, but some of its core features make it unique from other software.

  • Matter Management- You can handle multiple problems each day with the help of powerful enterprise-grade legal matter management software.
  • On-premise Hosting- Get complete unshared cloud hosting along with a dedicated account manager for dedicated client support and end-to-end server access beyond boundaries.
  • Multi-lingual Support- Remove any restrictions you may have with software language, use your preferred language with the multi-lingual feature, and begin.
  • Multilocation Access- Firm data from several locations can be connected through the multi-location management function.

What are the major benefits of using enterprise legal management solutions?

It is worthwhile to use enterprise legal management software for a number of reasons. Analyzing all legal processes and spending in a painless and less time-consuming manner helps minimize the company’s costs and risks. Take advantage of outstanding features like on-premises hosting, data protection, multilingual support, and multi-location access.

Whether it be matter management or communication management, everything gets managed from the same software, enterprise legal management software.

Is the use of enterprise legal management software secure?

There are no security holes in the ELM solution at all. It is easy for corporate legal departments to manage all aspects of their legal work systematically and effectively with this software. 

Using enterprise legal software can reduce the risk of in-house legal teams. It is designed to ease the burden on legal corporations.

Who uses enterprise legal management software?

ELM software can be used by many industries:

  • Law Firms- ELM can benefit large law firms to operate from multi-location hassle-free.
  • Corporate law- All-in-one software helps corporate law to ensure a seamless workflow.
  • Local Government- Centralized and smooth work access for local government.
  • Insurance Industry- Hassle-free claim management from anywhere anytime.
  • In-House Counsel- Builds a strong in-house counsel base and helps in overall growth.

How to choose the best enterprise legal management software?

Choosing the best enterprise legal management software can be difficult if you don’t know how to go about it. Determine all of your needs, estimate the size and requirements of your business, assess your budget, and then select software that offers all of these features at a reasonable cost.

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