All the litigation tools & features you need to make your practice easier

MatterSuite empowers you with all in one legal software solution to plan every action to be taken for your case. From customizing your Legal Research Library to track and manage evidence, we have it all here for your effortless law practice needs.

Start your 14 days free trial now. No credit card is required.
Start your 14 days free trial now. No credit card is required.
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Build stronger cases by tracking and managing matters and evidence intelligently

From legal research, disclosure of facts, motions to legal calendaring, and task management run every lawsuit more efficiently with MatterSuite.

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Outline and store legal research in your customized library

MatterSuite legal research software can help minimize the margin of error during litigations and give users an edge in closing the cases and maximizing value. Create and manage your own legal research library easily.

Track and manage your evidence in a structured way

Every case consists of multiple causes of action that can be easily managed in MatterSuite Lawsuit Management Software. Simply add the cause of actions and attach evidence related to it.

All the facts you need for discovery in one place

Create and monitor your discovery of cases on our Litigation Management Software. Record and manage all the facts of the cases and also the various discovery types, hassle-free. Add private notes to fill in extra critical information securely.

Be on track with motion details and dates

Maintain your customized motion library. Draft and manage your own motions along with the opposing party’s motions on MatterSuite. Attach documents and create calendar entries for the same. You can also search & sort motions using filter options.

Litigation Management Features


Matter Management

Every matter detail - documents, contacts, calendars, emails, tasks - are available in a single organized location. Track matter in real-time, improve organization, and increase efficiency with MatterSuite matter management software.


Contact Management

Get contact details at a glance on MatterSuite software. Track their immediate and associated matters. Keep the employee information updated and record client communication logs easily.

Hassle free data based management

Legal Document Management

Create and store every lawsuit related document on MatterSuite legal document management software. Find these documents easily using filter & sort options. Stay updated with document changes with access to versions and histories for each stored file.


Legal Calendaring

Organize and maintain a legal calendar, track deadlines, and hearing dates individually for each attorney and for your law firm. Manage your tasks and events timely to make the most out of your billable time. Set reminders to not miss important deadlines.


Case Tracking Timeline

Track every update using matter timelines and see who made the changes and when. Track the changes made to documents related to motion, legal research, and cause of action in real-time.


Client Communication

Log and track client’s contact history with your firm across emails, phone calls, and in-person meetings. Record emails and messages to a client’s communication log, and add notes directly into a client profile or matter.


Task Management

Boost your output by organizing your tasks. View your task list and customize it accordingly. Ensure your task visibility is based on roles and manage your tasks smoothly.


Cause of Action

Get yourself a whole suite of artificial intelligence and tackle your daily based litigation tasks easily with our cause of action feature.



Our electronic discovery or legal discovery software helps you record all your information during the legal process in the cloud. No longer are your discoveries an expensive nightmare. Our best-in-class discovery system gets everything sorted.

Legal Motion Management

Our legal suite of features for litigation attorneys empowers them to get hold of effective motion writing strategies for winning cases and enhances legal productivity and meets deadlines at the best.

Legal Research Library

Have all your legal research in one place with our legal research library. Create legal research globally and easily attach the same to your matters to create effective cases and pinpoint everything important to your litigation process.

Evidence Management

Track all your evidence effectively by strongly storing each of them from custody to the courtroom. Capture all your shreds of evidence and unveil the truth by revealing facts and figures streamlined in our cloud-based evidence management software.

Get more than just a legal software

Receive exceptional premium support, industry-leading security measures, user-friendly legal software, and more, at no additional cost.


The litigation management solution is very user-friendly as it requires least of inputs. Access from anywhere.


Best-In-Class Support

Get help from our exceptional customer support team via email or phone. We are here for you.


Data Security

Protect your client’s information and firm’s data with industry-leading security methods and protocols.