Legal Document Management Software

Improve your law firm’s productivity with cloud-based document management software

Access your documents from any device, anywhere with MatterSuite’s document management software. Maintain your document templates effectively and search your documents with a click.

Get started with your 14 days free trial today
Get started with your 14 days free trial today
Improve your law firm’s productivity with cloud based document management software
Hassle free data based management

Cloud-based document management system

File storage and retrieval of documents are two main tasks for legal practice. With our cloud document management software, this task becomes easier than ever before. Get rid of the piles of paperwork and save all your documents using our software.


Categorize your documents

Assign categories to your documents by using our efficient litigation docketing software. Create multiple document categories and organize your important documents. Filter and sort necessary categories with ease.


File versions - Check history versions

Create multiple versions of the same document and save multiple versions on our legal document management system. You can upload a new version of a document and preserve the existing metadata and all earlier versions of the file. Changes made in the document will be logged in our software.


Attach documents in different litigation phases

Attach documentation throughout the software with all the litigation phases for your ease. Finding important documents amongst piles of paperless documents will be simpler as you can link documents and also create a separate legal research library and cause of action complaint library.


Unlimited document storage

Store literally unlimited amounts of documents with our easy legal document management software. Save thousands of files and folders and work seamlessly on them. MatterSuite helps you to bulk upload your files and lets you integrate your personal drive for better usage.


Select documents from document templates

Creating multiple similar documents can be time-consuming and tiresome. With MatterSuite, you can create unlimited documents using the document templates in just a few clicks. Draft, Upload, and Share documents hassle-free.

Stay organized and work intelligently with MatterSuite.

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Unlimited Storage

Store unlimited contacts, documents, or any other file on our legal contact management software.

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Contacts Management

Easily attach your primary contacts with any matter as well as any secondary contact lists.


Export & Import

Easy Export & Import your contact details including custom data files with just one click.