Law-firm marketing is getting the hype these days as it should and for a good reason. Law-firm Marketing is a crucial part for any law firm to reach its maximum potential and reap out maximum profits.

Online marketing has become a crucial part of today’s modern digital world and this will continue to grow in upcoming years as now more than ever, digital technology has leverage over anything. Gone are the days where the old traditional way of marketing used to work. But what makes your law firm stand out from the other law firms in the online crowd and how you will know if you are getting the right ROI. To be successful you have to maintain credibility, put your marketing efforts in the right way and right place, target the right clients and have proper communication ways.

Often lawyers struggle in building up a proper digital marketing strategy if they have to do social media marketing, SEO, or paid ads. Digital marketing for law firms can be overwhelming to some. We are here to help you, in this blog, we will highlight how you can plan and strategize for your law firm.

Your marketing strategy should start from making a strategic plan, the major points that should be highlighted are.

1. Research your target client

Research where your targeted client will find you. For example, for a DUI case client will mostly search google, having SEM is the best bet. 

2. Figure out your digital marketing goals

Your marketing goals will lead you to what part you want your marketing to work the most, whether it is an increased number of positive reviews or increased traffic on your website. Before planning  your marketing strategy goals should be clear. 

3. PPC, SEM, or legal directories

Knowing where your client will look for will help you to choose the right platform to market upon and will help you choose where to invest your time and money

4. SEO optimized website 

To provide the best user experience and client experience to your potential clients you should have a fully SEO optimized website for your law firm.

5. Measure ROI for your marketing efforts 

Once you have planned everything and set the standard goals, the last step would be to measure results for your law firm’s marketing.

Once you are done laying an outline for your digital marketing plan for your law firm.

Key tactics to fully take advantage of digital marketing for your law firm.

  • Social Media Marketing

    Social media for lawyers is a crucial part of digital marketing, with businesses shifting towards traditional marketing efforts that are next to be obsolete. Social media marketing is a part of digital marketing that is familiar to lawyers but also widely underutilized. Countless platforms are used for social media for law firms but mainly 4 platforms are counted as major social media platforms- Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and beyond. Not all of these platforms are best suited for your law firm but work based on your targeted audience and how you want to engage with them.

    1. Why it Matters ?

      Social media marketing is influencing the audience and creating value through your content on social channels, where users don’t search you actively for your law firm but will help your law firm to be noticed. Post-eye-catching content, not filling up your pages and making them overwhelmed but short or we would suggest creating digestible content for your audience, building brand image, and creating authority and credibility. Social media for lawyers is important as your potential clients would interact with your pages for days or maybe months before finally contacting you. Therefore your target should be to nurture your leads, so you be their first choice.

    2. Tips for Success

      Start by making a detailed page for your social media channels, with all the details filled in and stick to your niche, don’t post out of your content target like memes or random stiff which doesn’t create value among your audience, while being humorous sometimes is good as it makes your page more fun and interactive to visit. Focus on content that creates value within your potential customers. For example, if you are a personal injury lawyer, you can post about what one should do first is meet with an accident, where should they go, etc. However, be mindful that you don’t share content that is too heavy and hard to understand for normal people to understand. Thought-provoking and interactive content should be the best bet for this. The key is to understand what your client wants to see. Fortunately, lawyers and law firms don’t have to do marketing on all platforms at once. Do a proper analysis of each platform and the type of audience you are targeting for your law firm. Excel in this strategy until you generate desired leads and then move towards other social media platforms

  • SEO For Lawyers

    SEO is the primary source to gain organic traffic for law firm websites. Any potential client will go on google search for the law firm and if you are not google then you are losing a pretty fair chance of being seen by potential clients. SEO for law firms is essential for capturing leads and ranking on google. While your website is ranking on google your chances of being seen and your audience reaching grows. For example, if a client searches for an injury lawyer in California if you have optimized your website properly and your Google My Business page then you will pop up on the top.

    1. Why it Matters

      The legal sector is highly competitive, even for the smaller roles you need to have an excellent strategy to rank up high on google, to be seen by potential clients, and turn them into paying clients.

    2. Tips for Success

      The Foundation of building up SEO is keyword search- a process of identifying what keywords your potential leads are searching for to find law firms online. You can use SEO tools like SEMrush, Neil Patel, Ahrefs to search the best keywords and check how many searches are there for a month. Then you have to use these keywords to strategically put throughout your site to increase your chance to be found by your potential leads and ranking of these keywords on search engines Another one of the best tips is to use location-specific keywords to lawyer down competition level and to optimize your local SEO like Google My Business, Yellow Pages, etc.) to generate more traffic. Also making profiles on legal directories will be more helpful to make your law firm more optimized, clients tend to search lawyers on legal directories such as nolo, superlawyers, etc for reviews, contact information, and feedback. Develop a detailed informative website for your law firm.

  • Content Marketing

    Content is king, this for obvious reasons is true. It is said right that the best SEO strategy is content marketing. It’s because clients are not looking for just law firm pages but also answers to their queries in form of blogs, articles, and videos For instance if someone searches how to file a case for an accident claim or how to file custody for their kids, they expect to find a dedicated guide or step-by-step procedure, not an attorney bio page talking about their legal services. To excel in content marketing you need to put client demand first. This gives many law firms like you to produce and present valuable content with optimized SEO-focused content to generate more traffic

    1. Why it Matters

      Content marketing helps your law firm to reach a wider audience who are searching for solutions to their problem related to the legal services you are offering. Exceptional content helps law firms to pull more visibility, build trust and attract more followers, and hence generate more leads for your law firm. “Content” can take many forms, such as blog articles, PDFs, ebooks, videos, or even email campaigns. You can use different mediums to create engaging content and help your audience learn more about what it is that you do and how you can help them in finding solutions for their problems. Content can take countless forms like legal blogs, articles, gated content, email campaigns, and video marketing. You use content in a variety of ways to create engaging and valuable content for your audience and help your audience to learn more about their problems and how you can help them in finding solutions to your problems.

    2. Tips for Success

      To have the best results for your website, consider identifying the most engaging keywords that draw more clients to your website. Such keywords are considered long-tail keywords that are best suited for blog posts. Think about topics like 10 steps to file a child custody case, 15 things you need to do after a DUI case. Video marketing also plays a big role in content marketing. Just like you’ll create blogs you can create short videos like how-to videos or a video guide for generic topics that your potential leads must be looking for. You then post these videos on your website, then on social channels like YouTube, LinkedIn, etc. Content marketing is also one of the best ways of attracting high-quality leads for your law firm website, which will improve your SEO, create value among your audience. Also consider publishing your content that is willing to collaborate like legal tech websites, legal marketing pages, etc. You can even create videos on these topics and publish them on YouTube for added traffic. Finally, consider building your email list so you can send out this content to your subscribers every time you publish a new article.


We hope that you find this law firm guide helpful and informative for your law firm marketing giving a kick start. Doing marketing is not over success, digital marketing needs consistency and regular efforts to be successful and yield ROI.

Effective marketing is a running process that needs regular efforts. Not everything will work for your law firm, to be successful you have to work many trials, to find the right fit for your law firm. With the right strategy going in you definitely will be successful and will be able to achieve your marketing goals.