Facebook: A powerful way to market your law firm.

1. Community Engagement
2. Trust
3. Website Traffic = More clients and law firm growth

Has your law firm considered Facebook for marketing your law firm? Have you ever considered the potential exposure that may be available from Facebook? Would you like to build an awesome Facebook presence for your law firm? With more than 1.8 billion users last year, Facebook is the most popular social networking site among all age groups. Facebook has a very high user retention rate and an average of 16 million new users around the world sign up every day. That is a staggering statistic! This makes it an important advertising choice for any business, especially law firms which are largely made up of solo and small firms.  

If your law firm does not have a Facebook account, you need to create it immediately. With more and more traffic being driven towards it, your firm needs to be there. There are several advantages of having a strong presence on Facebook because this is where your potential clients are and they’ll have to be convinced that only you can best handle their issues.

If you’re looking for a way to market your law firm, then you’ll have all the information included in this blog. In this blog, we are going to discuss how you can take advantage of Facebook and grow your clientele immensely.

Why Facebook?

According to various reports and blogs, Facebook has proved to be one of the most revolutionary elements in its marketing strategy and has significantly increased its revenue.

63% of firms reported they maintain a Facebook presence.

47% of solo and small law firms reported that Facebook ads made them more visible to their potential customers

47% of solo and small law firms reported that Facebook ads made them more visible to their potential customers.

Notably, 39% of actively engaging lawyers, sharing valuable content, and building their brand through Facebook gained new clients and increased their visibility among potential clients.

Facebook is not just a platform to maintain a presence on social media. If you unlock its full potential you can retain new clients, build your brand image, increase your authenticity and improve your reachability. 

 Facebook helps you connect and share with the people in your life

How to create an effective page for your law firm?

The first step to take before thinking of creating a Facebook page for your law firm is to make sure that you already have an existing Facebook account.

  • Create a business page for your law firm

Start by kick-starting your Facebook marketing journey by creating an effective Facebook business page. It’s crucial to mention all aspects of your business on your page, from your services to which law field you are in, your reviews, your contact information, and your website. Put all of these details together and mention them on your page.

  • Create a compelling Facebook profile and cover photo for your law firm

Even though it is a small thing in your Facebook marketing strategy your photo and profile picture hold a lot of power in terms of creating a brand image. Uploading a relevant profile picture and cover image aligning with your brand goals and the brand color is important as it gives a sense of how your brand is and promotes brand identity. Perfabley logo for a profile picture is a good choice and an infographic for your cover page.

  • Find and connect with other people on Facebook

The next step moving forward is to find people to connect with, this is an initial step towards growing your audience. Start by adding people from your former client list, you can add their phone numbers or additionally you run an email campaign where they can follow your page and personal account.

  • Create and post content on your Facebook business page

Creating initial content might be a little difficult as you are new to it, but it shouldn’t bother you. Do a little research about what your competitors are posting, and what topics your target clients are interested in, and try to repurpose all blogs into short video clips and make brief carousel posts that are digestible for your clients and valuable in their network.

  • Take full advantage of Facebook ads

Facebook Ads are revolutionary, there is an ad type almost for every motive whether it’s lead generation, or you want to increase visitors on your website, boost engagement on posts there’s an ad for everything. Initially try to first set up your profile, maintain consistency, and have enough content for your visitors to land on to then implement paid ads on your page.

  • Encourage your audience to like, share, and comment on your posts

Put engaging content where your audience should feel the need to share them, and express their views in comments. For example, host a Q&A session on topics busting myths about a certain topic.

As a lawyer, you can’t afford to have a well-defined marketing strategy for your law firm, especially on social media.

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What Type of Content to Post on Facebook?  what type of content to post on facebook

  •  Repurpose old content for Facebook 

Creating content from scratch can be time consuming and also a waste of potential already created content. Repurposing content might include blog posts, videos, infographics, and podcasts. Reposting relevant content from your other pages to your Facebook page is another great way to increase your traffic on potential pages and blogs. 

  •  Behind the scenes of your law firm 

Want to give a sneak peek of how you handle cases or how your office is or just a snapshot from your day? Behind the scenes are a great way if you want to make your presence more authentic and increase your credibility. 

  • Legal news and events 

Sharing current news and events happening in your industry on Facebook that might interest your potential audience, will build an indirect relationship with your audience. Hence increasing your reachability and engagement.

  • Q&A Session 

A key aspect of social media marketing is engagement, posting engaging content, and hosting engaging conversations with your audience. Q&A is a great way to increase engagement among your audience. Consider topics that you feel your audience is interested in for example if you are a personal injury attorney you might want to cover topics such as what should be a person’s first step when he or she is involved in a personal injury accident.

  •  Blogs 

Without even mentioning we know how much blogging holds power on social media for lawyers. It enters as support and leaves out as a converted lead. But most importantly a well-written blog is vital for conversion, gaining an audience, and building value among your targeted audience.

  •  Infographics 

Infographics are made to create an astonishing effect on your leads. Infographics can be a great source if you want to explain a generic form in simple 5 steps. Try taking topics trending in your target audience or valuable to your niche. You can create simple and powerful infographics through various tools available free online. 

  •  Videos 

High-quality visuals are what business needs these days. Short clips explaining your services, a client testimonial, or how/what to do videos are perfect examples of high-quality visuals. Try to keep your videos short to a maximum of 30-35 seconds, starting with a pain point and how you can resolve it don’t forget to add a CTA in the end. 

  •  Webinars 

The legal industry is a field where there is no full stop to questions, your clients may be struggling with issues that they are unable to get the right answers and guidance. To increase your brand awareness and consistency, law firms should host webinars on facebook mostly on generic and value-adding topics. Hosting a webinar will boost your reachability and gain potential leads. 

  •  Promote your landing pages 

Landing pages can be your key to unlocking the door of conversion. Your website should be optimized with well-written content for landing pages that are not marketed properly but also should persuade your leads that they need this product. Promoting these landing pages with an infographic or images can lead to high-quality leads direct straight towards your website.

Facebook for lawyers

Effective Facebook Ad Targeting Strategies

  • Retarget visitors who didn’t convert

For this type of targeting first start by creating a custom new audience in Facebook ads manager to target your new audience. They mention the URL of your landing page as the source and exclude people who already visited your landing pages like contact us or thank you pages, so you can only target people who visited but did not convert. This way you jump back to those leads who were interested but didn’t convert.

  • Target people similar to your idle client profile 

Building a client profile that is your potential target is vital for successful ad targetting. To build a client profile, start by researching how you want your idle client to look, what’s their age and gender, what fields they work in and what are their interests, what is their location.

To target according to this strategy, go to the ads manager and choose the audience look-alike, and enter all the specifications in it. Facebook will create a list of prospects, you can narrow down your audience further, and upload a list of email addresses you must have saved for potential converts.

  • Target based on demographics

There are countless demographic options available to reach the perfect audience for your law firm. You can pick who you choose and who you want to target and see your ads based on income, preferences, education, experience, etc. These options are helpful to provide the best value experience and service to a group of people.

  • Target based on events.

This strategy is extremely helpful if you targeting clients according to certain events happening in their life, for example if your law firm offers services for the retirement of people then they would have ages between somewhere 55-65, you would need to target according to their age in the ads manager 

generate more leads through facebook

How to Leverage the Power of Facebook and Generate More Leads? 

  • Most importantly to generate more leads you need to know what you are aiming for. Setting clear goals is the initial step to having a successful campaign. If you say you need 20 clients from 200 clicks in a week we all know it’s not going to happen. Set KPIs for your campaign and set realistic targets to achieve them.
  • Always use a compelling call of action in all your posts, whether it’s a carousel, images, videos, articles, or blogs. A good call to action can convert more leads than an ad. A good call to action consists of enough power to convert a lead into a paying client. 
  • One strategy that not everyone practices are testing, testing of ads is very important to know your successful strategy. Create various ads and split test them to know which works better for you, brings new leads in, and is visible most to your idle customers 
  • Specifications to include in your testing strategy of ads should look like, a more direct headline A more emotional text that appeals to their pain points, a slightly different format e.g. bullet points or shorter sentences, a stronger call to action, and more enticing imagery.
  • It’s a must to include a sign-up for a free consultation on your law firm’s Facebook page. Free consultations are a great way to bring in new leads. As it makes your client’s profile at the initial stage solved and gives you detailed insight about them and their case to you. 
  • Once in a while try to offer gated content to the audience, choose an issue that needs addressing and a problem for your clients. Offering such type of content will make them more inclined to your services and your law firm.
  • Develop Facebook ads keeping mobile devices in mind, your Facebook ad should work properly on all your devices, not just desktops. All images should be placed properly, content should be visible and the CTA button should properly work on all devices.
  • Use consistency branding, using the same elements that define your brand is vital as branding is developing a strong image of remembrance in your lead’s brain. Always try to use the same color, logo, tone, and message throughout your marketing campaign.
  • One of the best parts of a Facebook marketing campaign is to create content and ads that don’t look like ads. In other words, content that doesn’t look like promotional content. You need to address the pain points of your audience and guarantee them a solution through your services.

Summing Up

While traditional marketing methods are important to any law firm, in the digital age, social media provides the opportunity of reaching a vast population with minimal cost. Law firms need to adapt their marketing strategy and get on board with Facebook marketing. There’s no alternative. The key takeaway is the importance of building a strong personal brand while also connecting clients directly to your work. Facebook allows you to do this in a social way that brings everyone closer together, specifically because it helps you distinguish your law firm from all the others that exist out there. Your firm needs to establish its place amongst your competition by creating a strong social media presence. If not, you won’t be reaching your target audience and you’ll be missing out on new clients.

It does not matter if you are a lawyer in a small town or a big city, you should always seek ways to develop your law firm and reach out to more people. With the help of Facebook for lawyers, you can attract more people to become a part of your law firm. Facebook marketing is a cost-effective method of gaining new clients for attorneys. They can connect with potential clients, ask them questions, and use their responses to tailor the services they offer to these potentials. It would only take a few hours a week to get started on Facebook marketing, which can make all the difference in a law firm’s bottom line.