Role-Based Access Control Software for Laweyrs

Use MatterSuite role-based access control software to reduce risks and monitor access control. Work seamlessly from anywhere by assigning roles and managing staff.

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Role-Based Access Control Software for Laweyrs

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A comprehensive matter management software product, MatterSuite, 

Improve your monitoring capabilities

By gaining visibility into the roles and customizing them to suit your needs. Customize and professionalize the role assignment and make your staff work more flexible in seconds

Complete Access to Admin

Gets complete access and assigns roles to the staff and manages the whole workflow

  • Admin and super admin law firm’s account gets complete access to all modules
  • Assigns roles to staff and track performance
  • Customize user permission roles whenever required
Complete Access to Admin
Assign Roles Seamlessly

Assign Roles Seamlessly

Secure role allotment and minimization of unnecessary access to data and software

  • The staff gains whole module access or complete non-view access
  • Access control management limit data that will be shown to a normal user
  • View and edit access are customizable depending on the staff type

Streamlined Staff Monitoring

Smooth staff login from anywhere with no dependability

  • Separate login credentials for original staff members
  • Role-based access and control to users and staff members
  • Access to a personalized dashboard with the assigned modules
Streamlined Staff Monitoring

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Flexible Pricing

Flexible Pricing

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Role Based Access Control (RBAC)?

A legal firm’s staff employees can use various login credentials thanks to role-based access control ( RBAC) software. Companies require a system to limit employee access in order to safeguard sensitive data against unauthorized use, change, or deletion. By setting user’s permission within the software, this functionality limits access to data.

How can this software benefit my law practice?

MatterSuite’s role management feature enables you to give your staff members various duties while also facilitating employee information access. Rule-based access control also assists in creating a law firm admin who can manage all information.

Can all of my law firm's employees use login access?

To ensure a seamless operation of the organization, this RBAC system assists in giving each employee a unique login ID. No duplication of the account takes place, with the help of MatterSuite legal matter management software. The staff gets separate login credentials, which makes them to login into the software easily without any external help.

Is it complicated to add different tags?

Tags are a flexible tool to manage all your documents in one place. The practice management software helps you to easily add, edit and delete tags whenever needed.

How do e-Tags help in matter management?

Legal tag law firm practice management software helps in searching documents with ease. Legal tag arranges all matters by adding tags to different them separately. It makes discovery more seamless by enabling an e-Discovery tag in it. 

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